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Demm il parrucchier

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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the historic Sette Giugno riots. A lot of literature has been published, both books and scripts, commemorating the event, but few have explored the actual protagonists of the day. AZS has thus decided to set up a production themed around the riots, from the perspective of Manwel Attard.
We chose Attard as he was the first to fall victim, killed, as a result of the riots. He was also a Sliema resident like us, which was another reason we chose him. However, regrettably few people even know who he is.
So, we must ask: Who was Manwel Attard? How did he earn his living? Who were his family and friends? How was his childhood, and what was going on in his life before he fell victim to the riots?
Your answers are in the play Demm il Parrucchier: 1919, written by the historian Tony Terribile and directed by Joshua Grogan Dalli. See you there!