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Kinetic Rocks

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Kinetic Dance Academy proudly presents

KINETIC ROCKS Rocking Our 5th Year Anniversary

Emerging from “Rock and Roll”, Kinetic Dance Academy brings you their 5th Year Anniversary Dance Show - Kinetic Rocks. Through sounds of electric guitars, bass and drums influenced from Jazz and Classical tunes addressing themes of love, social, cultural and political matters. The Psychedelic Rock scene came into force in the Hippie era whilst spicing up the rock scene with glam and idolising the status-symbol of the infamous Rock Star. Impressive visual styles accompanied the voyage of Rock Stars that shaped the history of our music scene. From the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Ozzy Osborne, Guns & Roses, AC DC, KISS, Queen and so many more artists coloured the Rock spectrum with insatiable flavours. The audience will be treated to three hours of blissful sounds and movements that will hook you to your seats. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to belong and to get on the jitterbug. Kinetic Rocks will explore such topics and through the form of Dance, well over 400 talented dancers will turn the Mediterranean Conference Centre into an adventure of thrilling emotions.

This is the show for everyone as the most dominant music of all time will be translated through dance into an artistic expression featuring various dance genres including Modern Jazz, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop and Contemporary. ‘KINETIC ROCKS’ will be held at the ‘Mediterranean Conference Centre’ on the night of Saturday 20th July 2019