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Franks Gentlemen’s Essentials Gin Fair

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Masterclass 1- By The Dutch Gin- 8.30pm
Masterclass 2 - Gin Mare- 9.30pm
Masterclass 3 - William Rizzo presents a selection of Gins - 10.30pm

Our master class events are designed specifically for those people whose love for gin begs them to learn more about what make it such a special beverage. This Summer our suppliers have brought down 2 brand ambassadors to help you learn more about your favourite gins.

By the Dutch Genever is a boutique distillery found in Holland that produces high quality genever for a market of gin connoisseurs. Their highly complex gins are ideal for the gin lover wanting to learn or try new & interesting tastes.

The Gin Mare master class is all about this very unique gin that captures the smell and taste of the Mediterranean in its unique distillate. Infused with thyme, rosemary, olives etc... Gin Mare’s brand ambassador will be there to explain what makes this gin so interesting, complex & unique..