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EVOLUTION A Dance Journey Thru Decades

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EVOLUTION A Dance Journey Thru Decades


The Dance Show that travels through space and time. Flashbacks from the roaring 20’s to the dirty 30’s with the classic sounds of Gershwin which lead us to a still moment in time of the 40’s. World War II lingers and dwells through the sirens and sounds of Pearl Harbour. The recovering 50’s brought about echoes of Rock n’ Roll and refined Classic Pop tunes.

The Summer of Love emerged in the 60’s and the revolutionary Motown flavour coloured this era. Long gone were the Jazzy and Rock n’ Roll days as these were replaced by an everlasting Soulful and Funky style. The pivotal changes of the 70’s saw the growth of Rock Music to another level. And in comes the Disco with fresh and vibrant beats that pump through the veins of this tireless age.

Out with the old and in with the new wave of dance music. The 80’s upheaval of artists in the likes of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and MJ bring unforgettable scenes whilst MTV imposes visuals to the sounds of these artists. Who said the 90’s were boring? Minimalist trends, tattoos, piercings all fall under this category. The age of the Internet. Pop groups spiced up the lives of thousands whilst contemporary R&B was launched. Controversial lyrics - odd new sounds of Rave - and Country music is taken to a whole new level. The Noughties strike with a bang as the millennial turnaround sparks diverse genres including Rap and Hip Hop whilst still holding on to the norms of the 90’s.

A whole turnaround of a century lands to the twenty-10’s. Globalisation, multiculturalism and technology have climaxed insatiably. This is us! We have landed through decades of ground-breaking artistic scenarios. A holistic spectrum that has accompanied the Joys, Sorrows, Laughter and Pain of many and yet there is more to come. This Dance Show will electrify your souls whilst taking a trip down memory lane. We expect you to get the chills and throw yourselves off of the edge of your seats. Join us, and dance your way through the decades.