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Schumann Carnaval in Mdina - Piano Recital by Giulio Potenza

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Historic Piano Concerts opens the 2017 / 2018 season with a superb piano recital. The young Italian pianist, Giulio Potenza, who won the praise of greats like Martha Argerich, Pascal Rogé and others, is a growing name in the pianistic spheres. He will be presenting a very interesting programme - a potpourri of tonal colours, tailor-made for the warm and rich sound of the A.D. 1890 Blüthner grand piano. The programme begins with the mysterious and evocative music of Janácek and Medtner, and culminates in the romantic masterpiece of Robert Schumann - 'Carnaval' Op. 9, in its entirety.

Historic Piano Concerts offers a unique classical music experience through the combination of top musicians, one of the most inspiring and authentic-sounding pianos on the island, and a stunning venue - the Cathedral Museum in the heart of Malta's medieval city of Mdina.

A special grand piano dating to the time of Brahms (A.D. 1890) and of the brand Debussy favoured most - Blüthner, will recreate the authentic sound for which these classical music masterpieces were composed and from which the composers drew further inspiration.
Three halls of the museum will be open throughout the evening, and patrons will be welcome to walk around and enjoy the Art.
Wine will be served after the concert with compliments of Emmanuel Delicata Winemaker Ltd.


L. Janácek - In The Mists
N. Medtner - Sonata Reminiscenza Op. 38 No. 1


C. Schumann - Romance Op. 21 No. 1
R. Schumann - Carnaval Op. 9



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