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Studio 18's Gotta Sing Gotta Dance

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Celebrating the Golden Age of Musical Theatre, Studio 18 brings you an evening featuring some of the best loved numbers from the mid-20th Century!

With choreography by the West End's Johnathan Tweedie, musical direction by Dr Joe Gatt and vocal coaching by Rachel Fabri.. rest assured you're in for a treat!

The performance will be accompanied by the TS Orchestra banging out a number of spruced up arrangements by Francesco Grech - it's quite impossible not to sing along - go on, we dare you.

This new initiative in collaboration with Teatru Salesjan will be hosted by household name Pia Zammit , and features local artists Rachel Fabri, Nadia Vella and Andi among others.

This will surely be a night to remember -so get ready to tap your feet and swing along, because Studio 18's going jazz hands.