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Malta Innovation Summit

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Malta’s first conference specifically targeted towards nurturing innovation.

The Malta Innovation Summit will bring together all of Malta’s innovation stakeholders under one roof.

Together with top international speakers we will explore how Malta's executives, educators, professionals, leaders, innovators, and CEOs can better push innovation within our organisations.

You will participate in a full day of keynotes, presentations, expert panels, workshops and networking opportunities.

You will hear about real-world experiences, ideas, trends, processes and best practices of adopting innovation within an organisation.

* Rewire your brain to think and act innovatively.

* Be inspired as world-renowned innovation practitioners explain real-world examples of innovation methodology.

* Learn about the current disruptive technologies in Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and many others.

* Network with like-minded executives and learn their ways of approaching innovation in their own lives and organisations.